About Uragh

URAGH are a Progressive, Alternative, and Modern metal band based in Dublin, Ireland.

Marcelo (Guitar), Jason (Drums) and Sebastian (Bass) met each other in early 2022, and quickly realised they had a shared passion for bands such as Mastodon, Tool, Converge, Gojira, Deafheaven and Deftones. But soon discovered that older bands such as Death, Pantera, Sepultura and Cynic were a vital part of their musical upbringing as well. Their common drive to pick up their instruments again after the pandemic, and to craft intricate, complex and heavy songs, slowly led to the formation of the band and friendships were forged along the way. Vocalist Craig Murphy, whose vocal style and technique is influenced by bands such as Parkway Drive, Whitechapel and Lamb Of God, joined the fold a few months later, completing the line-up with his incredible energy and stage presence.

The band burst into the Irish metal scene in February 2023, playing on Metal To The Masses Competition, where they progressed all the way to the finals by Jury vote. In 2023 the band released their first single 'Decimate', as well 'Monarch' which was the first single for their debut album 'Maelstrom'.

'Maelstrom' was released on April 2024. In order to promote the album the band made their debut across Ireland playing in Cork, Derry, Enniscorthy besides the usual Dublin. The band reached Metal To The Masses finals once again, as well being selected as one of Wacken Metal Battle band finalists.

Uragh Band

Uragh Members

Uragh Craig Murphy (Vocals)

Craig Murphy (Vocals)

Uragh Marcelo Varge (Guitar)

Marcelo Varge (Guitar)

Uragh Jason Hodgkins (Drums)

Jason Hodgkins (Drums)

Uragh Sebastian Sparr (Bass)

Sebastian Sparr (Bass)

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Metal band from Ireland

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